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Menangle Trots

Australia is home to many sporting events, and many have become a part of the culture. People enjoy these games very much and such sporting events are also conducted as recreational activities. The range of sporting events in Australia is enormous and includes everything from horse racing to Australian football. In the case of horse racing, there are many different kinds of races, including: the steeple chase, thoroughbred races and trots.

You can now easily place all your wagers on the different types of horse racing events. Just relax at home, put your feet up and place your bets online. Even if at the office, it’s easy to place those winning wagers. All you need is the internet and an account with an online bookmaker.

History of Menangle Park Paceway

This venue is far more than just a race track; it is an institution which was formed by distinguished pioneers who used to farm and race horses for fun. John Macarthur, who was considered the father of the Australian sheep/wool industry bought the land of Menangle in 1820. The track is an engineering masterpiece as it gives the viewers a closer look in the grandstands. To raise the track for better visibility, it took one million tons of soil and was raised eight metres at the back.

The club is new and so are the members. Due to its infrastructure and style, it has claimed itself to be the heir of horse racing in Australia. The question remains whether it will fulfil the needs of the future and be able to attain the stature of the Melbourne cup. It is not easy to say that yes it will, but in the next ten years it will show its true colour and the true fate of the club in the next 3-4 decades.

The Standardbreds and the Thoroughbreds of the past that have run on these tracks will surely be envious of the modern horses who are bred and trained to race on this carefully and magnificently designed track. This new found spirit of the club helped Menangle to flourish. It was owned by a syndicate headed by Sir Joynton Smith. It was restricted to 12-to-14 gallop meetings a year and on Tuesdays and Thursdays racing continued there on a regular basis. In the past, the members complained that towards the end they were far from action and so started the redesigning of the track.

Menangle Trots

It is not merely a race track but also a social event every week. The new incorporation of facilities has made this track the premier harness racing track. Sydney trots also got a boost due to the Menangle trots which were conducted on the Menangle Park Paceway, which opened officially with a 1400 metre track that makes the horses visible from the grand stands.

Online Betting

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The Menangle Park Paceway is certainly the place to focus your betting and viewing attention upon. Betting cannot be separated from horse racing – they are one and the same. You can now place all your wagers on the Menangle Trots online. Forget travelling to the event or the local betting agency. Place that relaxing wager from home. Alternatively, wager on the trots at work while taking that well-deserved break. What could be easier?